Dry Walling Sandton

Dry Walling Sandton   ceilings are always impressive when installed well. This type of ceiling is not only attractive but have the bonus benefit of insulation, ensuring minimal heat loss within the room itself.

A hugely positive factor is that this miracle ceiling method brings an added safety measure when it comes to fire, offering the option to add even another extra layer behind the fabrication if so desired.

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Dry Walling Sandton  is often purely used to hide utility lines in an existing ceiling or even as a fresh and cost-effective cover for existing plaster ceilings without going to the lengths of replacing one that may appear a bit shoddy.

The installation of the Dry Walling Sandton   option on your ceiling is far more challenging than on a room’s walls and although it is tempting to handle the installation yourself, it is highly recommended that you call in a helping hand from a professional roof or ceiling repair company to assist.

High-quality equipment and skills are needed in hanging drywall ceilings and thorough preparation is an absolute necessity. This said, drywall ceilings are much faster to install than for instance traditional plaster ceilings.

A well-installed drywall ceiling can last a long time and provide great insulation – definitely a worthwhile option for your home or business. It is also a great noise-barrier between an upstairs floor and the lower areas of the home.

The low environmental impact of drywalling your ceilings has also become a huge drawcard for many eco-conscious homeowners. Upon removal and replacement, it is also important and reassuring to remember that most drywall boards are made from 100% recyclable content.

The designer’s choice in ceilings, this method is often used to hide unsightly pipes and electrical wiring and are often used around ducts and ventilation for a more polished look.

Drywall ceilings are easy to paint and repaint to change up the colour or hide flaws – the perfect Dry Walling Sandton   solution for a contemporary home or business.