When do I know my roof needs replacing?

Most experts will agree that the typical roof will last approximately 20 to 25 years after its initial installation. If your roof tiles or shingles are curled or buckling, it means that they are past their life expectancy. The possibility also exists that the roof is defective if it has been recently installed and this is the case.

Missing shingles and damage to the inside of the home, particularly the ceiling, is a definite sign that repair or replacement is inevitable. Also, have a look in your gutters – should shingle granules be present, it means that your roof is nearing the end of its life cycle.


My roof is leaking. Do I have to have it completely replaced? 

A leaking roof is not a small issue. However, it doesn’t always warrant a complete replacement. How much repair and work needs to be done on your roof, depends mostly on the damage caused by the leak itself. A professional roof repair assessment will establish this for you. It is always advisable to contact a repair company the moment a leak is discovered to prevent further damage and higher cost.


Do I have more than one option if I decide to reroof? 

Two options are available to you should you decide to reroof your home – a full roof replacement or, a re-cover of your existing roof system.

A complete replacement requires that your entire roof be replaced. The cost will entirely depend on the area to be covered, the tile/shingle type, style, durability and of course, the warranty you choose.

Re-covering your roof is a less demanding option financially and involves only the installation of a new roof system. This is not always an option for every situation and it is not advisable to perform this multiple times. Your roofing professionals will give you accurate advice on whether this is the best option for you.