As much as roof repair is not a fun huge expense, we are so relieved that it is done and could not be happier with the services we received. The workers we very careful with safety and we were never left with any materials in our yard to contend with. Everything was done in such a short time (we expected it to take much longer!) and I am so sure that these guys will be my go-to in future for our every roofing need. Thank you!

Mia Schoeman


I run a small but busy company in a heavily-built up area and we were recently devastated by heavy winds which managed to take off half of our roof tiles and cause damage to ceilings in the office area. I was so happy with the company’s urgency around our panicked call. The office staff were so reassuring and the guys who came to inspect the damage were quick and efficient. Not only do we now have a secure and quality roof, but our business  was never disrupted to where it started costing us and I want to thank this amazing company for taking care of a really bad situation so well.

Peter Goodwin


Our experience with re-roofing our newly bought house was an absolute pleasure! As we purchased our property during the dry season, we could never have guessed that we were actually stuck with several leaks around the home until it actually started raining one day. One can only imagine the drama around having several ceilings repaired and replaced but I cannot stress enough how neatly and quickly this was done with absolutely NO mess or damage to the house inside. It literally feels like a brand-new house that now that the roof is re-done and people cannot stop complimenting us. I have already recommended them to my mom and two neighbours – you guys are simply the best!

Shahida Abrams